The OnePlus 8T was released last year while the OnePlus 9R was released earlier this year, but it seems that for whatever reason, OnePlus has decided to give both phones a very tiny upgrade. According to user reports, it seems that the RAM in the phones have been upgraded to be faster.

When both phones were launched, both of them used LPDDR4X RAM, but some buyers noticed that when they got their new units, they came with LPDDR5 RAM. It’s odd because OnePlus still officially lists either phone as having LPDDR4X RAM, plus the company hasn’t made any kind of announcement so it is a bit strange.

That being said, chances are that these changes probably won’t make a difference to users on a day-to-day basis. Sure, LPDDR5 is faster, but like we said, there is a good chance that most users probably can’t tell the difference anyway, but it’s still odd that OnePlus would give these phones an “upgrade” halfway through their life cycle.

In any case, it’s only a good thing for newer customers who are getting, technically, “better” hardware. OnePlus is not alone in making these kinds of changes. As XDA points out, companies like Samsung and Apple have used different components for the same smartphone models, whether it be storage or modems, so we guess it’s not entirely unheard of.

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