Even though our smartphones do not need fans to keep cool, it doesn’t mean that they don’t generate heat or that they cannot benefit from additional cooling. This is actually something that Samsung could be bringing to future phones, or rather, could be bringing back, according to a report from DigiTimes.

The report claims that Samsung is apparently looking into the possibility of bringing back the use of vapor chamber cooling technology. For those who are unaware, Samsung has actually used this technology in some of its older phones like the Galaxy S10+. They also used it on some configurations of the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 phones, but it did not make an appearance in the Galaxy S21 models.

How the tech works is that inside of a vacuum sealed canister, there is a small amount of liquid which when heated up turns into gas and condenses when it cools. This process of cooling down is faster compared to more conventional heat sink designs, but we’re not sure why Samsung opted to not use it in the Galaxy S21.

However, the report now claims that Samsung could be looking into it again and that it might see a return in 2022’s models. To be fair, the Galaxy S21 doesn’t really have issues of overheating to begin with so it wasn’t as if removing it caused major problems, but the inclusion of it might be appreciated by users who tend to push their devices to the extremes.

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