We’re sure many of us have tried testing our internet’s speeds. We wouldn’t say it’s a very accurate representation because obviously the server you’re connecting to plays a role as well (your internet could be fast but if the server you’re connecting to is slow, it will affect your speeds as well).


It also might not tell you the whole story on how well you can stream videos online, but for those who are interested, Ookla has updated its Speedtest app for Android where it can now tell you how well your internet can stream videos. How it works is that it will attempt to stream various videos at different resolutions and bitrates.

Based on that data, it will then tell you which is the best resolution your internet can handle without buffering. This means that if you want to know if your internet can handle a 4K video stream from Netflix or YouTube, then this feature of the Speedtest app will help you figure that out.

The feature was previously available on iOS only, but it looks like Ookla has since updated it for Android. If this sounds like a feature you might be interested in, then head on over to the Play Store for the download.

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