WhatsApp isn’t the best platform to use if you want to upload media files. This is because in an attempt to help reduce the file sizes and to make transfers faster, WhatsApp compresses media files. This is fine if you’re viewing stuff on a phone, but not so good if you wanted to save the file and upload it to a computer.

However, the good news is that WhatsApp could be changing their minds about that. According to WABetaInfo, they have spotted evidence that suggests that WhatsApp could be working to allow users to choose the quality of the videos that they share on the platform. The options include Auto, Best quality, and Data saver, all of which are pretty self-explanatory.

However, we’re not sure that even under “Best quality” if WhatsApp will compress it a little to make the file easier to send. The description says it will be sent using the “best quality available”, so hopefully it means that it will be sent in the original quality and resolution that the video was taken.

At the moment, WhatsApp has a 16MB limit for each video that you send, but we’re not sure if under this “Best quality” option if that cap will be removed since it would open the door to all kinds of file sizes.

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