Children’s toys have always to some extent been modeled after adult gadgets and tools, like cooking equipment, power tools, and in this modern day and age, we’re seeing toy smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Obviously they are quite different from the real thing, but if you don’t check your bags, that’s when things could go sideways.

This was the case with Japanese father @Zenryoku_tochan, who recently shared a hilarious experience where his daughters had replaced his work laptop kept inside a bag with a toy laptop. It seems that he did not notice they had made the sneaky switch until he arrived at work.

According to the translated tweet, “I arrived at work and collapsed to my knees. I will attend today’s meeting on this computer. Daughters, your father has something important to say tonight.” We’re pretty sure his office had other computers he could work on, but it was probably rather embarrassing, we’re sure.

The dad seemed rather good natured about it and instead of scolding them or handing down a punishment, he decided to talk to his daughters and explain what they did was wrong. The maker of the toy laptop, Sumikko Gurashi, thought it was hilarious enough where they offered to send the family the latest version of their toy, but the family politely declined the offer.

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