We’re not sure how many of you have experienced the misfortune of dropping your smartphone in a body of water like a lake, river, or the ocean. Usually it’s a gone-case where you have to resign to the fact that you’ll never see your phone again, but sometimes that isn’t always the case.

In a report from The Scotsman, diver Shane Stephen was taking a dive in the Water of Leith where he discovered a red iPhone sitting at the bottom of the river. According to Stephen, “It was a hot day and I fancied taking a dip, so I got permission for diving in the Water of Leith since it’s been so rewarding on finds. About half an hour into my dive I came across a red mobile phone while I was retrieving a just eat bike out the water.”

Stephen discovered that the phone’s SIM card belonged to local carrier O2, and he contacted the carrier with the SIM card details, whereupon the carrier managed to alert the phone’s owner to the discovery and reunited them with their phone. It does not mention if the phone was still functional after spending a year underwater, but still, it’s always nice to get your lost property back.

Stephen is no stranger when it comes to finding lost items. The journalist spends a bit of time diving in local spots and has found a lot of “treasures”, such as bicycles, bags, keys, and more. He has also reunited more than his fair share of phones to its owners.

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