With Apple kind of kicking off the trend with the notch design, many are looking forward to the day Apple will figure out how to do away with it. However, in the meantime it appears that some of Apple’s competitors have figured out their own way, such is the case with Oppo who has recently unveiled their latest attempt at sticking a camera under the display of a phone.

One of the problems of putting a camera under the display of the phone, not just the glass covering it, is how do you take photos with the front camera without the display getting in the way? Obviously putting it under the display means more layers which in turn could lead to fuzzy photos or distorted images.

According to Oppo, their latest breakthrough manages to deal with some of those concerns. “This new under-screen camera solution solves many technical and manufacturing-related challenges that have plagued under-screen camera technology since the beginning of its development. Breakthroughs include resolving issues such as inconsistent display quality in the screen area above the under-screen camera, poor image quality caused by obstruction of the camera by the screen, as well as issues with product reliability and lifespan.”

The company has also shared a sample photo taken by the front-facing camera and we have to say that at least from what we can tell at a glance, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it was different from any other front-facing camera.

The company doesn’t mention when they will debut this technology in their smartphones, but if this is the quality we can expect, it certainly looks very promising and we can’t wait to try it out for ourselves.

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