Whether you’re driving down the street, reading a newspaper, checking your mail, or browsing the web on your phone, you’re bound to come across an ad or two. However, it seems that even  the deep, dark recesses of space won’t be spared by advertisers because that’s what SpaceX and Geometric Energy Corporation are planning to do.

SpaceX has entered into a partnership with GEC, a Canadian startup, where they plan to launch a digital billboard in space. What this means is that if you can afford it, you can soon start advertising your company or your product in space! Of course, we imagine that not many people will actually be able to see it, but the publicity itself seems like it might be worth it.

That being said, the process of buying an ad isn’t so simple or straightforward compared to regular billboards. For starters, it will use a bidding process which means that you’ll have to basically offer the most money out of everyone else to nab a spot. Secondly, advertisers will have to purchase “tokens” that determine things like the brightness of the ad, the color, the coordinates, and also the time.

Lastly, these tokens will be available for purchase using cryptocurrency, where GEC’s CEO Samuel Reid says that the plan is to eventually support Dogecoin as a form of payment.

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