When Apple first launched the iPhone 12 series, the company also announced a new MagSafe charging system. They also later introduced MagSafe accessories like the MagSafe Wallet. During Apple’s iPhone 13 event, the company announced that they will now be introducing a new MagSafe Wallet that will work with the company’s Find My network.

For those unfamiliar, the Find My network is what Apple uses to help users locate lost or misplaced iPhones, iPads, AirPods, AirTags, and more. While the MagSafe Wallet does not feature a GPS chip built into it, how it works is that whenever the wallet is detached from the iPhone, it marks that location as its last seen location.

This means that while it might not be able to allow a MagSafe Wallet owner to track a missing device down while it’s moving, it might be handy in case it fell off your phone and you want to know where the last possible location was . Like we said, while GPS would be more accurate and could allow users to track it down to a more precise location, this is still a pretty cool update for those who plan to use the MagSafe Wallet with their iPhones.

Apple does note that this only works on the iPhone 12 and later but it will not work with the clear case. The MagSafe Wallet is priced at $59 and is available for order via Apple’s website.

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