In 2019, Microsoft unveiled its Surface Duo smartphone. It was a phone with 2019 flagship hardware, which would have been fine for a phone launching in 2019. The only problem is that Microsoft only launched the phone in 2021, which made it kind of outdated. Thankfully, Microsoft isn’t repeating their mistakes for 2021.

The company has since announced their latest handset in the form of the Surface Duo 2. This handset comes with hardware you might expect from a 2021 phone, which includes the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset with 5G support. It also comes with 8GB of RAM, an upgrade over its predecessor, and will also come with 128-512GB of storage.

The phone will also maintain its form factor which includes two 5.8-inch displays with a 1344×1892 resolution each. While not exactly a foldable phone like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, it is Microsoft’s interpretation of it. When combined, the display will measure 8.3-inches which is about the size of a small tablet.

As for the cameras, the Surface Duo 2 will be equipped with a 16MP ultrawide camera, a 12MP wide camera, and a 12MP telephoto camera. Microsoft has also maintained support for a stylus with the new Surface Slim Pen 2 that can be attached magnetically to the phone for charging and carrying.

That being said, the Surface Duo 2 is not cheap. The phone is priced at $1,500 and will be available for purchase on the 21st of October for those who might be keen on it.

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