When Nintendo announced their latest Switch upgrade, it wasn’t the 4K beast that many had hoped for. It was mostly the introduction of an OLED screen, but other than that it more or less remained the same internally as the previous model. While some have praised the inclusion of OLED, there are some who did hope that Nintendo would have released a bigger upgrade.

However, it seems that despite the marginal upgrade, Nintendo could have bigger plans for the future of the console. This is according to a report from Bloomberg which cites several developers from at least 11 game studios who claim that they have been working on games on a 4K Nintendo Switch dev kit.

For those unfamiliar, a dev kit is essentially a testing platform for developers to create and test their games on to ensure it works ahead of its release. In some instances, especially for bigger studios, they might be sent dev kits in advance so that they can prepare games in time for a console’s launch.

The fact that these developers are working using 4K dev kits has led to speculation that a 4K Switch is still in the cards. However, Nintendo told Bloomberg that their information is “inaccurate” but declined to expand further.

That being said, with 4K becoming more or less the standard resolution these days, we reckon it’s really only a matter of when rather than an issue of if a 4K Switch will arrive, but when exactly is anyone’s guess.

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