Facebook Groups are where people who share a similar interest gather together. Whether it be a group to sell second hand items, or to gather and discuss a shared hobby, Facebook Groups have been very effective at that. However, it seems that Twitter wants to take Facebook on with their own Communities feature.

The company has since announced the launch of Communities, a new feature that they’ll be debuting on iOS and Android and it is expected to be similar in concept to Facebook Groups and other community-related platforms. At the moment the feature is in testing and is invite-only, but we imagine it should eventually open up to more users at a later date.

While the concept of platforms where like minded people gather isn’t exactly new, it’s interesting because Twitter’s platform differs from other platforms like Facebook or forums. We’re not sure how this will work out based on Twitter’s current design, but it will be interesting to see.

Right now, Twitter’s Communities are not private and can be seen by anyone, but only those who are part of it can post. We imagine that this might be useful for people who might want to seek out information and opinions on particular topics. There are a handful of ready-made communities such as #DogTwitter and #SkinCareTwitter, with Twitter planning on making more each week. Users who are interested in creating their own Community can apply for it via Twitter’s website.

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