A few years ago, Amazon launched several experimental grocery stores with Amazon Go. Instead of customers picking up their items and queuing at a cashier to make payment, customers could just walk into the store, pickup what they want, and then just walk out and will be billed later.

It is designed to make the shopping experience faster and more efficient, and this is something that Amazon will now be bringing to Whole Foods. The company has announced that starting next year, they will be bringing their Just Walk Out tech used in Amazon Go stores to Whole Foods Market locations.

According to Amazon, “Just Walk Out technology is made possible by a combination of computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning—similar to what you’d find in a self-driving car. At these two Whole Foods Market stores with Just Walk Out Shopping, customers will be greeted by a Team Member at the store’s entry gates and can then choose if they want to shop using Just Walk Out technology or the self-checkout lanes.”

Right now, Amazon will be testing it out at two Whole Foods Market locations – one in Sherman Oaks and the other in Washington D.C., and based on the tests, they might look into expanding to other locations as well.

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