In the coming weeks, Windows 11 will be released to the public. Assuming you have a PC that was built in the past 2-3 years, there’s a very good chance you should have no issues installing and upgrading to Windows 11. But what if you have an older device?

If you recall, Microsoft stated last month that Windows 11 can be installed on devices that they deem as not officially supported, but it will come at the cost of updates. Now according to a report from The Verge, they tried installing Windows 11 on an unsupported PC and were greeted by a waiver.

This waiver basically says that since this PC doesn’t meet the official minimum requirements, you agree that by installing Windows 11 you may no longer receive updates and that you could also end up voiding your PC’s warranty in the process. The warranty side of things isn’t controlled by Microsoft, but it might be something to consider anyway.

That being said, it should be noted that even if you have a modern PC, you’ll need to check to make sure that the TPM 2.0 module is enabled. This is one of the key requirements for Windows 11 so check your motherboard’s manufacturer to find out how to enable it if it isn’t enabled yet.

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