It is no secret that Android’s install base is considerably larger compared to that of Apple’s iOS platform, but it seems that despite Apple commanding a small portion of the market, they are commanding the majority of smartphone profits, or at least that’s what recent data from Counterpoint suggests.

According to the report, they claim that for Q2 2021, Apple managed to capture 75% of the smartphone market’s operating profit and 40% of revenue. This is despite the fact that Apple only accounts for 13% of global handset shipments. Counterpoint suggests that this is due to Apple’s strong branding where despite the hefty prices of the iPhone, customers are still buying them.

However, the report does note that the 40% revenue is slightly lower compared to Q4 2020, where Apple’s revenue share of the smartphone market was at 50%. We expect that Apple will be able to maintain this momentum because despite the incremental upgrades in the iPhone 13 over the iPhone 12, early figures are suggesting that the newer model is just as popular as its predecessor.

That being said, it should be noted that these calculations and figures aren’t official since Apple doesn’t share sales or shipment figures for its iPhones, so it’s probably best just to take these figures at face value.

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