While learning to code seems like a rather niche kind of topic, it’s not. This is because coding both requires and teaches logic, since computers can’t think like you and me, it needs to be taught logically how to do things. As such, it can be a great lesson even if the student doesn’t necessarily plan to embark on a coding career.

Apple already has its own coding education system with Swift Playgrounds, but it appears that the company is now expanding its coding education with a new “Everyone Can Code Early Learners” program, which will expand on its curriculum to cover students from as young as those in elementary school, all the way up to college.

According to Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Education and Enterprise Marketing, “Apple now offers coding resources for learners from kindergarten to college, and challenges them to design amazing apps that are inclusive and accessible to users. Our resources and support for educators are designed to prepare students to be the innovators of tomorrow, whether they’re just getting started or ready to build their first apps.”

This new program will be available through the Swift Playgrounds app and will be a free download for both families and educators. If you’d like to learn more about it, you can head on over to Apple’s website for the details.

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