One of the features of iOS 15 is that it has now made it a lot easier for students to steal each other’s notes. This is according to a hilarious video shared on Twitter where it shows one student zooming in on another student’s laptop screen, taking a photo, and then copying the text onto their device.

Originally shared on TikTok by French student Yann Bernillie, this life hack is thanks to a new iOS 15 feature called Live Text. For those unfamiliar, Live Text is a feature in iOS 15 that can scan a photo for text and lets you select it. You can then copy this text like you would any normal text, paste it into the Notes app or somewhere else and save it. You can also use Live Text to translate.

We should point out that taking photos of notes in class isn’t exactly new. Some students do take photos of a lecturer’s notes on the board because it’s easier than just writing it down, but with Live Text, it makes it easier to take that text and compile it into a word processing app so that you can edit it to make it easier for you to understand.

Not to mention Apple’s newer iPhones offer up a considerably longer zoom that previous models, meaning that even if you’re seated far away, you might still be able to zoom in far enough where Live Text will still work.

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