One of the controversial changes Apple made to the MacBook Pro was to introduce a notch design. This allowed the company to stretch the display to the edge, but at the same time users weren’t really a huge fan of the notch which eats into part of the display. However, this was a necessary inclusion in order to house the laptop’s webcam.

Apple has since defended the design of the notch where during an interview on the Same Brain podcast, Shruti Haldea, one of the managers for Apple’s Mac lineup and who was part of the MacBook Pro’s presentation last week said that the notch was a “smart” way to help give users more space.

According to Haldea, “What we’ve done is we’ve actually made the display taller. Like on the 16-inch notebook, you still have a 16.0 active area on the diagonal in that 16:10-inch window, and we just grew the display up from there and put the menu bar up there. We just kind of moved it up and out of the way. So it’s a really smart way to give you more space for your content, and when you’re in full-screen mode, you have that 16:10 window, and it looks great. It’s seamless.”

Whether you agree with the decision or not it seems like the notch is here to stay for the foreseeable future. In fact, recent rumors are claiming that the 2022 MacBook Air could adopt a similar design.

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