If you have a public Twitter profile, it means that just about anyone with a Twitter account will be able to follow you and see your tweets. Sometimes, the people who follow you might be trolls looking to harass you, or who are spam bots that somehow got around Twitter’s detection. So how do you remove them?

Prior to this, you would have to either make your Twitter profile private or remove them by blocking them. However, blocking a person can sometimes have negative consequences like that person creating a new account to harass you or get their own followers to comment on your posts in a toxic manner, but that will change soon.

Twitter has announced that they are now rolling out a web tool that will allow users to remove followers from their profile without having to block them. The company actually started testing this out last month, but it looks like they are now rolling it out to all users.

There are downsides to this feature and that is if that user were to look up your profile and see they aren’t following you anymore, they can easily follow you back unless you decided to make your account private. Twitter says they won’t notify users who have been removed from a follower’s list, but we reckon if someone was determined to stalk or harass you, it probably won’t take long for them to figure it out.

However, it is an option and alternative to blocking, so perhaps for some users this might actually be useful.

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