People who have speech impediments might find it difficult to try and converse with people around them. This is because due to some speech impediments, it might make them hard to be understood. However, Google is hoping to solve that problem by leveraging its speech recognition technology.

Google’s speech recognition is actually one of the better ones out there, but it doesn’t work so well with people with speech impediments simply because there aren’t as many samples to draw from, which is why Google started its “Relate” project back in 2018 to improve on its voice recognition to make it more accessible to all users.

The app is currently in beta but what it can do is recognize speech input from people who have trouble speaking clearly. Users then have the option of converting that voice input into text that they can then use to paste into messages or emails, or have it repeated out loud in a synthesized voice.

In the video above that talks about Relate and offers a small demonstration, it can be useful for those who might be trying to speak to strangers, like when ordering a drink from a cafe. It will also work with Google Assistant who will be able to recognize the voice input and perform tasks as usual.

Like we said, the app is currently in beta but Google is hoping to recruit more testers from other parts of the world to help provide feedback and improve on the app. If you’re keen, head on over to Google’s website for the details.

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