How can you tell when someone is lying? Sometimes it’s a bit obvious, some people stutter and get flustered when they try to lie on the spot. Others might avoid eye contact. Basically, there are many telltale signs when someone is lying, but sometimes these signs aren’t always so obvious which makes it hard to tell.

So, how would someone like law enforcement officials tell if a suspect is lying? That’s something the Professor Dino Levy, Professor Yael Hanein, and a team of researchers from Tel Aviv University are trying to figure out and they have actually developed sensors that can tell. These sensors are placed on the subject’s face and are used to monitor facial muscle movements.

The concept is that some people when they lie involuntarily activate muscles in their cheeks and eyebrows. With these sensors that have been specially developed, the researchers claim that they have had a 73% success rate when it comes to detecting if someone is lying based purely on the readings of the sensor alone.

Of course, it’s not practical to have electrodes stuck to our face all the time, which is why the researchers are now looking to go one step further by removing the use of the electrodes and training AI using algorithms to detect these subtle muscle contractions through high-resolution camera footage.

This means that in the future, this tech could be used by the police, at airports, and more simply by analyzing videos taken by cameras.

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