Ideally if you wanted to edit some photos or images, you would be on your computer. But what if you needed a way to edit your media files but you’re outside and only have your phone? The good news is that if you are familiar with Adobe’s host of editing software, you might be interested in the company’s latest offering called Creative Cloud Express.

Keep in mind that Adobe already has a suite of mobile apps that lets you edit photos on the go, but the idea behind Creative Cloud Express is that it gives users a quick way to put together images and edits without having to learn how to use the company’s software. You could think of it as being a pared down version of Adobe’s software that is meant to be simple and intuitive to use.

According to the company, “Creative Cloud Express draws on our decades of experience working with the creative community. It makes the core technology in our industry-leading products like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro available with just a few clicks — and with no learning curve.”

Adobe adds, “Creative Cloud Express is perfect for people with no creative training. But it’s also a great addition to the toolkit of creative professionals. If you just want to make a social media post, produce a simple flyer, resize an image, or craft a quick thumbnail image for your Premiere Pro video, Creative Cloud Express is the fast and easy way to go.”

The other bit of good news is that unlike some of Adobe’s other software that requires you to own a paid copy or subscribe to Creative Cloud, Creative Cloud Express is free to use for everyone, but there are additional features that can be unlocked if you’re willing to pay $9.99 a month. It will also be included in Adobe’s Creative Cloud Single App plans which are priced at $20.99 a month.

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