At the moment, OLED displays are the preferred type of display tech for a lot of consumer electronics. This is because OLED displays generally produce deeper and richer colors, plus they are also viewed as more efficient. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that OLED displays are perfect.

In fact, ahead of CES 2022 (which kicks off next week), LG has unveiled the OLED EX, a new generation of OLED displays that the company claims is not only brighter than traditional displays, but also have thinner bezels which means that it can open the door for more types of applications and uses, as well as improve existing ones (think TVs or smartphones).

According to LG, its OLED EX display is 30% brighter than regular OLEDs, which top out between 500 to 600 nits. This is thanks to the use of deuterium compounds that can make the LEDs brighter. It can also help with better color accuracy with lower distortion, something that OLED panels can struggle with compared to its LCD counterparts.

LG does not mention when we can expect to see its OLED EX technology used in products, but if it really does what LG claims it does, then we can probably expect to see devices start to adopt it in the next few years.

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