Battery life is something that many of us are concerned about when it comes to our smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This is because current battery tech doesn’t last forever in terms of the number of charges it holds, and also how much battery can be stored when it is at full charge.

This means that we usually find ourselves constantly having to charge our devices, like laptops, when we are working. Over time this will result in the battery degrading and maybe 1-2 years down the line, you’ll realize your laptop doesn’t last quite as long as it once did. That being said, there is some good news for Chromebook owners as Google is looking to bring Adaptive Charging to the devices.

This is according to code changes which hints that the feature could be coming to Chromebooks. On Pixel phones, how this works is that when your phone is plugged in overnight, it slow charges it which reduces things like heat and stress placed on the battery, thus preserving its lifespan.

For Chromebooks, it won’t work the exact same way and will use machine learning where it will try to learn your charging habits to decide its charging speed. So for example if you typically charge your Chromebook and do a lot of work on it during the day, it knows that’s when you need it to be fully charged.

However, at night when you don’t use it as much but still keep it plugged in, it might slow down the charge because it thinks you won’t really need it. The feature doesn’t appear to be live yet but it might be something that Chromebook users can look forward to in the future.

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