There is quite a bit of push right now for companies like Apple to adopt third-party payment methods when it comes to app purchases or in-app purchases. The idea is that by allowing third-party payments, it would allow developers to find alternative methods of payments that would let them avoid paying Apple a 30% cut from their app sales.

However, it seems that Apple still wants its commissions, regardless of whether developers choose to use their payment methods or third-party alternatives. This is according to a developer support page in the Netherlands where the company states that regardless of what developers choose to use, they will still need to pay Apple a commission.

The reason for the update on the Netherland’s developer page is due to an order from the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets where Apple will allow dating apps in the region to use alternative payment methods. However, presumably Apple’s intentions are going to be the same for all other regions and will probably expand to cover non-dating apps as well.

It is unclear how Apple plans on calculating the commissions they receive or how much they plan to take. Right now, Apple pretty much takes a 30% cut, but there are instances where it can be lowered to 15%.

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