Google Assistant is great if you’re trying to find out some information like the weather forecast today, the traffic situation, what’s going on in the news, and so on. However, sometimes the assistant tells you more than what you want to hear, and if you wanted it to stop talking, you’d essentially have to issue a new command.

This was rather cumbersome and didn’t feel too natural since you’d have to say, “Hey Google, stop”. Feels kind of weird, doesn’t it? After all, it doesn’t really feel like something you’d say to a friend or someone else to get them to stop talking. Google is aware of this and has since issued an update where all users need to do now is say, “Stop”.

This means that if Google Assistant is rambling on even after you’ve gotten the information you already wanted to hear, instead of letting it go on and on, you can just say, “Stop” and the assistant will stop talking immediately. What’s weird is that Google actually introduced this feature for timers and alarms, so we’re not sure why it took them this long to introduce it to the rest of Google Assistant’s functions.

Either way, better late than never, right? So the next time you find the assistant going on and on, just simply tell it to “Stop” and you’re all set!

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