When social media platforms like Instagram first launched, its feed was rather basic and just displayed posts from people you follow in a chronological order, meaning that the latest posts would be at the top, and the more you scroll, the older the posts you would see.

This later changed to become a more relevant feed where based on your interests and interactions, Instagram would now display a feed that’s more curated to your tastes. However, if you recall, back in 2021, Instagram said that they would be bringing the chronological feed back, and sure enough they have kept their promise.


In a post on Twitter by Instagram head Adam Mosseri, he has revealed that Instagram has started to test its promised chronological feed. However, this won’t apply to your entire feed. According to Mosseri, he revealed that there will be three feed options for users to choose from: Home, Favorites, and Following.

With Home, it will continue to use the same feed that you are already familiar with. Then there is Favorites and Following, both of which will be displayed in a chronological order. The main difference is that with Favorites, you get to curate your own feed so you can add creators, friends, or family members to it that you don’t want to miss anything from.

Mosseri notes that they have already started rolling out the feature as a test to some users, but if all goes well, it is expected to be available to all users in the first half of 2022.

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