Last year, an update to Apple Wallet made it so that hotels could give guests digital keys to their rooms so that they can unlock their hotel rooms using nothing but their smartphones. For those who are wondering how it works, a video uploaded by tech reporter Rich DeMuro shows how it will work.

Basically it’s as easy as you might think. All users need to do is hold their iPhones against the hotel room’s lock and if it’s the correct room, it will unlock, as simple and straightforward as that. While digital keys aren’t exactly new, one of the advantages of this particular system that uses the Apple Wallet is that there is no need to unlock your iPhone or launch an app.

Right now, a lot of hotels use key cards that use either tap on their door lock or insert into the door to unlock. It’s usually an extra step where you have to take the key card out of your bag or wallet, insert it into the lock, pull it out, and then open your door. This method appears to be a lot more straightforward thanks to the implementation of NFC rather than Bluetooth.

It also works to the advantage of the hotel because it means that they might have to deal with less lost keys which they will have to replace and reprogram. To date, only Hyatt hotels have adopted this upgrade but we expect that in the future, more hotels could follow in their footsteps.

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