Working outside can be fun because it represents a change in environment. However, the problem with working outside in a public setting like a cafe or library is that you have strangers around you, some of whom might not be polite enough to ignore what you’re doing on your laptop.

Enter the Kensington MagPro Elite Magnetic Privacy Screen (that was a mouthful!). This is a magnetic privacy screen that has been designed for Apple’s new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops, and it even has a cutout for the notch in the laptops. The screen is said to help narrow field of view to 30 degrees, meaning that unless you’re facing your laptop directly, people to the sides won’t be able to see what’s on your display.

While privacy screens aren’t new, one of the advantages that Kensington has is that their screen uses magnets. This means that placing it on your laptop and taking it off when you’re at home is quick and simple and it doesn’t leave behind any residue. It is also thin enough where you can leave it on and close your laptop without any issues.

The screen is also reversible, where one side offers a glossy finish while the other side offers a matte finish, so depending on the environment and your preferences, you will be able to choose. If this sounds like something you might be able to use, it is priced at $65 and will be available for purchase from Kensington’s website.

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