If you’ve recently updated your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro to the latest macOS 12.2 update, here’s something you might want to pay attention to. According to user reports across multiple platforms, it seems that following the update, users are seeing excessive battery drain when their laptops are put to sleep.

There are some users who prefer putting their laptops to sleep instead of shutting it down completely. This is because it makes starting up the computer faster. However, it appears that there is a bug in macOS 12.2 where Bluetooth accessories connected to the computers are constantly waking the laptop up when it has been put to sleep.

This means that instead of staying in a suspended state, the laptops are being woken up constantly which in turn drains the battery of the computer. Some users are waking up to nasty surprises when they discover that their laptop’s battery has basically run down to 0% overnight as a result of this bug.

Users are reporting that either disabling Bluetooth on their Mac computers or making sure that all Bluetooth devices are disconnected fixes the issue, but this is hardly ideal, but it is a temporary workaround until Apple fixes the problem. Alternatively, users can also opt to fully shutdown their laptops instead of putting it into sleep mode.

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