Pretty much all our smartphones these days come with always-listening digital assistants. The idea is that by always being on the lookout (or earout) for the trigger phrase, it will save users time from having to press buttons or launch apps to get the digital assistant to do things for the user.

However, given that not everyone needs or wants a digital assistant, we’re sure that some users might be uncomfortable with the idea that their phones are always listening to them. The good news is that if you want a bit of privacy, Pozio could have the answer in the form of the Pozio Cradle.

This is a charger/dock for your phone where when it is placed in the dock, not only does it charge your phone, but it also blocks the phone’s microphone from listening to you. According to Pozio, the company says that it uses “patented technology that works in the background to prevent the always-listening microphones in smart devices from hearing private conversations.”

Basically from what we can tell, it works a bit like noise-cancelling headphones where it emits an inaudible tone that will cancel out sounds that could be picked up by your phone’s microphone. Users can tell the Cradle to stop where it pauses the blocking tech for 30 seconds so that if you need to interact with your phone’s digital assistant, you can in that window of time.

If this sounds intriguing, then head on over to Pozio’s website where you’ll be able to grab the Cradle for $119.

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