Samsung’s Galaxy S series of smartphones has been known for its camera capabilities over the years, with many reviews praising the series’ ability to snap some pretty impressive photos. We expect this will be the same for 2022’s Galaxy S22 series, but it could have some extra help.

According to a tweet by Zaryab Khan, they shared what appears to be a spec sheet for the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra, and one of the features that was highlighted for one of the camera modules that will apparently come with a “Super Clear Lens”. It is unclear what this is supposed to imply, but there has been some speculation that it could refer to Corning’s DX/DX+ Gorilla Glass.

The glass was actually announced back in the middle of 2021 and was previously used primarily in smartwatches. The announcement revealed that it would now be applied to smartphone cameras as well, where it would offer up better protection against scratches. Since scratches can affect the final image, having the glass would in theory allow the phone to capture “clear” images.

Based on the spec sheet, it seems that this would only be used in the primary 108MP camera, or at least that’s what we’re assuming (we could be wrong). Since the main sensor is the default sensor used whenever users launch the camera, it would make sense that it was chosen, although it would be nice if the other cameras received similar protection.

Either way, we should find out soon enough as Samsung typically announces their new flagships early in the year, so hopefully we’ll have more details in the coming weeks.

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