Pretty much all our phones have front-facing cameras, and more often than not, we take a selfie or two every now and then, but have you ever thought of monetizing those selfies? That’s what a student by the name of Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali from Indonesia did, where for the past four years, he took a selfie almost pretty much everyday.

He then took those selfies and turned them into NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens, and sold them on NFT platform OpenSea as part of a collection called Ghozali Everyday. According to Ghozali, he did not expect his NFTs to be particularly popular, which is why he priced them at a very low price of 0.00001 ETH, which is roughly $3 based on the current market value.

However, it turns out that Ghozali was wrong because everyone wanted in on the action where sales of some of the NFTs actually shot up to 0.9 ETH each, resulting in the entire collection rocketing up to 381 ETH, which is around $1.2 million in fiat currency.

While there’s nothing particularly special about the photos, it just goes to show how crazy and speculative the NFT market is right now, and why it’s not surprising that a regular selfie can be worth thousands of dollars, especially when people are buying NFT yachts for over $600,000. So, if you happen to have a collection of selfies sitting in your phone collecting digital dust, who knows, maybe you can make money selling them.

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