The concept of NFTs and the underlying technology it uses is interesting and could be a useful way of marking the ownership of digital assets, but right now, the NFT space is kind of weird and controversial. This is namely due to how many NFTs right now are essentially digital drawings that for some reason, are worth millions each.

That being said, it seems that a collector by the name of Dino Dealer was looking to cash in on their NFT of a drawing of a rock part of the Etherrock collection. The collector was planning on listing it at 444 ETH, which based on the current value of ETH is worth just over $1 million.

Unfortunately, it seems that Dino Dealer accidentally picked the wrong cryptocurrency to list it under and ended up picking wei instead of ETH. This means that based on the current value of wei, let’s just say that it ended up being worth less than nothing as it was basically a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a penny.

Unfortunately, due to there being bots that tend to scrap the market for undervalued listings, Dino Dealer’s NFT was quickly snapped up and then relisted where it was being sold at 234 ETH, which is about half the amount Dino Dealer had listed it for, but then again having bought it at 444 wei, the owner of the bot is still making an extremely tidy profit.

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