One of the popular drone designs we’ve seen, especially when it comes to consumer grade drones, would be the use of rotors. These rotors allow drones to take off and land vertically, meaning that it doesn’t need to have a runway to take off like a plane.

However, some drones do use a fixed wing design because they are more efficient and can cover greater distances and in some cases, stay up in the air longer. HG Robotics thinks that they might have created the best of both worlds with its Vetal drone. This drone uses a fixed wing design but also has a couple of rotors built into it to help it take off and land vertically.

The Vetal isn’t necessarily designed to be a consumer grade drone like those you might find from DJI. Instead, the company has positioned the Vetal as a drone that can be used for surveying purposes, whether it be for farmers who want an aerial survey of their crops and so on.

It features the use of onboard machine learning and AI visual processing, allowing it to perform data analysis and mission planning. It will also be capable of supporting various types of cameras, so depending on what you’re using the drone for, you can attach different cameras onto it.

It is also incredibly easy to setup where all users need to do is slot in the battery and it’s good to go, no calibration required. If you’re interested in checking it out for your business, then head on over to HG Robotics’ website to register your interest.

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