All monitors come with different specs and features, and certain specs and features might be valued differently from user to user. Some might choose an ultrawide monitor because they want to be able to see more on their screen at once, while others might prefer monitors with a higher resolution.

Some might also prefer a monitor with a greater degree of color accuracy for photo and video editing, while some might prefer monitors with a faster refresh rate. If refresh rate is a priority for you, then you might be interested to learn that display manufacturer BOE has unveiled a prototype 27-inch monitor that comes with a 500Hz refresh rate.

Now, most monitors feature a standard 60Hz refresh rate, but some monitors aimed at gamers might come with 120Hz, 144Hz, or even 360Hz, so 500Hz is actually pretty crazy. This means that your computer’s GPU would need to send a frame to the display every 2 milliseconds. This is versus 60Hz monitors where a frame is displayed every 16.7ms.

A higher refresh rate is a feature that’s highly coveted by gamers simply because it makes games feel and look smoother. It’s not exclusive to gaming because it can also work for non-gaming purposes, like when browsing websites and they scroll a lot smoother as well. That being said, we have no idea if BOE plans to make this display a reality or if they’re simply showing off what’s possible with their tech.

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