google stadiaGoogle isn’t exactly known as a gaming company, so it was interesting to see the company try and step into the gaming space with Google Stadia, a game streaming service that allows gamers to purchase games and stream it on pretty much any device they want, wherever and whenever they want.

However, it is possible that Stadia was only meant to be a demo of Google’s technology and that the greater goal was to provide a backend to companies. According to a report from Business Insider (paywall), Google has started to sell Stadia’s streaming technology to other companies such as Bungie and Peloton where they have rebranded it as “Google Stream”.

Keep in mind that Google is not getting rid of Stadia. Back in 2021, Google confirmed that they would be selling Stadia’s technology as a service to other companies, meaning that companies who wanted to offer game streaming could simply pay Google to use their services instead of building their own.

It would be similar to how Google Workspace lets companies purchase their own domains but still use Gmail’s interface. With Peloton, the company is reportedly using Google Stream to help stream games on its fitness bikes, but the situation is less clear with Bungie. The report claims that Google was in talks with Bungie last year, but now that Sony will be acquiring them, it is unclear how this will proceed.

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