Galaxy S22 Plus, in Black

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, Samsung actually upgraded the charging speeds of both the Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra models where it would support 45W charging. This is an upgrade over the previous-gen models which topped out at 25W.

So with nearly double the power output, this in theory should make the phones charge faster, right? Before you rush out and buy Samsung’s 45W charger for $49, you might want to check this out.

According to testing conducted by GSMArena, they found that using the 45W charger has almost no difference compared to the cheaper 25W charger that you might already have lying around. Based on their tests, they found that using the 45W charger to charge the Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra, both phones reached 64% and 60% respectively in 30 minutes.

When using the 25W charger, the Galaxy S22+ hit 62% while the Galaxy S22 Ultra hit 61%. Charging the phones to 100% using the 45W charger, the Galaxy S22+ took 1 hour 1 minute, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra took 59 minutes. However, using the 25W saw both phones take about 1-3 minutes longer.

The difference in charging speeds is obviously very negligible to the point where it is well within the margin of error, so if you are thinking of spending $49 for the 45W charger, think again.

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