We have heard many stories in the past of how kids have taken their parents’ credit cards and gone on an in-app shopping spree, only for their parents to get a shock when the bill comes. This is something that Twitch streamer Verloren was concerned about when he received a donation of 120,000 Bits last December, which is worth around $1,200.

According to Verloren, he reported the donation to Twitch expressing his concern that a “15-year old was mishandling their parents’ money” without their permission. However, for doing the right thing by taking precautions, for some reason Twitch decided to punish the streamer by disabling his ability to receive future Bits donations.

Verloren was told in an email that his account had been flagged for “engaging in or supporting conduct” that went against Twitch’s ToS and said, “After careful and extensive review of your account history, we have decided to terminate your participation in the Bits Program. Please accept this as notice of our decision to terminate your access effective immediately.”

However, the good news is that after a couple of months of back and forth, Verloren’s account has been fully restored. In an email that was also seen by PCGamer, it reads, “We received your appeal request and conducted an investigation into the matter where it was determined that your ability to receive Bits can be restored. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this delay. Please accept this email as confirmation that your ability to receive Bits has been reactivated.”

It is unclear why Verloren was even penalized in the first place, but it’s good to see that he managed to get his account fully reinstated and can now receive Bits donations again.

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