The general advice is that you should typically buy from trusted retailers, such as an official source. In the case of a woman in the UK, she ordered an iPhone 13 Pro Max from Sky Mobile, a local carrier, which we reckon is a pretty trusted source, wouldn’t you think?

However, upon receiving her package, she discovered that she had not received an iPhone 13 Pro Max, but rather a $1 bottle of hand soap that she’s now on the hook for for a 36-month contract worth 1,500 pounds. According to the woman, she ordered the phone on the 24th of January and paid for next-day delivery.

However, the driver failed to show and instead told her over text message that he was stuck in traffic. The driver returned the following day but for some reason, did not have her package with him, and basically it was only on the third day that he arrived with the package, only for her to discover that it did not contain her iPhone.

She reached out to the carrier who said that they would be launching an investigation into the matter, but so far it has been a week without any contact, but here’s hoping that she will be able to get the issue resolved ASAP.

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  • P-OLED
  • 457 PPI
? MP
    3227 mAh
    • Non-Removable
    • Wireless Charging
    4GB RAM
    • Apple A15 Bionic APL1W07
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    174 g
    Launched in
    Storage (GB)
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    • 256
    • 512

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