Imagine being able to lock-in customers for years, each paying monthly to own an iPhone and being able to upgrade on a semi-regular basis, that would be the dream, wouldn’t it? According to analytics firm, CIRP, they believe that Apple customers are actually already primed to do just that.

Following a report last week that suggested that Apple might be readying a hardware subscription program, CIRP did some additional research and found that based on their data, Apple customers are actually already kind of doing something similar which suggests that should Apple ever launch such a service, it wouldn’t be hard to convince customers to sign up for it.

According to the firm, “Based on current consumer behavior, iPhone users are primed to adopt a subscription service that provides an iPhone bundled with useful apps. Almost half iPhone owners already finance their iPhone purchase, paying monthly for a new phone. And about one-third trade-in their old phone when they buy a new one. So, a significant portion of the user base is accustomed to never owning a phone, instead basically leasing it.”

Of course, we imagine that a lot of this will boil down to price and how much Apple will charge for such a program, but what do you think? Would you be willing to sign up for such a subscription service should it ever be launched?

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