If you’ve recently updated your iPhone to iOS 15.4 and are discovering that your battery life isn’t what it used to be, don’t worry you’re not alone because it appears that following the update, there have been some user reports in which users are claiming to be experiencing extraordinary battery drain.

According to some users, they are only getting half of the battery life that they got previously prior to the update. Some users are also reporting that they are seeing the battery drain by as much as 5% in less than 10 minutes, while some are also saying that their phones are now lasting them half a day.

However, there might be some good news and that is this battery drain might not necessarily be a bug. In an article back in 2020 by ZDNet, writer Adrian Kingsley-Hughes explains that usually when a new OS is installed, a lot of things happen in the background like indexing and the recalibrating of the battery.

This process can take hours or even days in some cases, which might explain why some users are experiencing more battery drain than before. Plus, sometimes updates come with new features that might be more taxing on older devices causing them to drain battery faster than normal.

In any case, we’ll have to wait and see if this eventually clears up on its own or if it is an issue that Apple needs to resolve, but either way if you are experiencing battery drain, do take this into consideration.

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