Respiray is an Estonian technology whose mission is to create wearables that help people live healthier lives. The first device by Respiray was developed to protect against airborne viruses.

Today at Showstoppers, the company unveiled its second device, the Respiray Wear A+ which aims at protecting against airborne allergies. The new device is worn around the neck and helps users who struggle with pollen, dust, and animal allergies.

Respiray Wear A+ directs the air through a HEPA filter that collects all the pollen, dander, dust and mold particles, and projects the cleaned air towards the mouth and nose at a higher speed than people breathe in. Technically, it creates an allergy-free space around the face.

The Estonian manufacturer could change the lives of millions of people who suffer from airborne allergies, fear to get swollen eyes, runny nose or breathlessness, and have to restrict themselves from social events due to allergic environments.

Respiray Wear A+ will be soon on the crowdfunding platform with a price of 99$, you can register at

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