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Sprimo Personal Air Purifier Claims To Be World's Smartest
[CES 2017] Everybody loves to have clean air to breathe without any exception, unless you are from a different planet. Some of us are more sensitive to pollens and other allergens that are in the air, which is why having an air purifier at home would be useful. Sprimo intends to provide everyone with a smart personal air purifier, offering a blanket of clean air in less than half a […]

Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifier Fan
Our ancestors manage to make it through the Industrial Revolution with plenty of pollution going on, and if you were to compare the hygiene levels of today with those of a few hundred years ago, even the average home would seem to be like a palace back the in terms of amenities and cleanliness. Well, Dyson would like to take the idea of convergence to a new level with the […]

LG Aims High At CES 2016
At its press event, LG was laser-focused on the user experience and on the clarity of purpose of each product it makes. LG’s new Signature line of products definitely aims for the high-end.

Hand Tree Air Purifier Concept Uses Wearable Tech To Offer Clean Air
The Hand Tree is a concept that combines an air purifier with a wearable technology, offering clean air.


Air Purifier Helmet The Answer To Smog?
I am quite sure that you have read about how Beijing of China’s air quality in recent times have plummeted to dismal levels, with the amount of pollution in the bustling city hitting unprecedented sky high levels, so much so that the smog there can last for up to a week, before Mr. Sunshine makes an appearance. Well, wearing flimsy face masks is not going to help the situation, but […]

Samsung Virus Doctor portable air purifier targets vehicles
Now this is definitely something strange to hail from a company like Samsung. I know that they do make phones for the future as well as have a strong presence in the world of consumer electronics and home appliances, but a portable air purifier for cars? Yes sir, Samsung has even creatively called it the Samsung Virus Doctor, which is quite the oxymoron since a virus would want to avoid […]

Airwake Air Purifier
The air in your hotel room might not be the cleanest you’ve enjoyed, and if you’re fussy about the quality of your air, perhaps this Airwake portable air purifier might be what you’ve been looking for. The Airwake is designed very much like an iPod dock, though unfortunately you won’t be able to dock your iPod to this. It purifies the air by removing all the allergens and pollutants, ensuring […]

Purifans Ceiling Fan Air Purifiers looks good and is functional
If you want to add a somewhat weird look to your home, then the Purifans Ceiling Fan Air Purifiers fits the bill perfectly. After all, it will look out of place in most homes, even if you turn the clock back by 50 years. The whole idea of this device would be to circulate purified air via a ceiling mounted form factor, and to add more value to the entire […]

Coway AP-1008 air purifier from Korea
Most air purifiers are run of the mill, but South Korea’s Coway AP-1008 takes things to a different level, featuring a slick form factor that helped it pick up a Red Dot Design Award. Of course, it merges both form and function, thanks to a 3-stage Hepa filtration system that removes 99.5% of airborne particles which includes germs and dust (but not limited to those). Boasting an illuminated hole which […]

Mini Wearable Air Purifier For Your Pet
We’ve seen people pamper their pets before, but would you buy a mini air purifier for your pet? Well, the folks who came up with the Mini Wearable Ionizer Air Purifier for Pets certainly think so. Fortunately it doesn’t seem like it will cost as much as normal air purifiers, as it’s going for $17.20. The device can be worn directly on the pet, around the collar, so as to […]