If you’re a big fan of the Back to the Future Franchise you probably dream about a reality where we will be able to commute to work in flying cars – what if I told you that this may not take long to happen?

Doron Merdinger, CEO of Doroni Aerospace (a Miami-based aerospace company) recently revealed that they’re testing a flying car that may be delivered in 2025. The two-seat vehicle is called Doroni H1 and it looks like a hovering drone. It was designed for short trips and can reach up to 140 miles per hour in terms of speed.

The US firm just performed the first untethered flight with its prototype, and a full-scale flying model shall be ready in the next few months, set to be certified with the Federal Aviation Administration as a Light Sport Aircraft.

This means that, aside from the driver’s license, the driver will need 20 hours of training – but the real bad news has to do with the price: the flying car will cost up to $350,000. With more than 1,550 investors, the company has raised more than $2.7 million on the crowdfunding platform StartEngine.com. Recently they shared in a statement:

We expect to start selling and leasing 22 units in our third year and 722 units by our fifth year. We anticipate the Doroni H1 eVTOL will generate revenue, starting with first responders, law enforcement, armed forces, letter of intent for a preorder from a security company, and recreational users […] From there, we plan on positioning ourselves to possibly be acquired by global defense contractors, automobile manufacturers such as General Motors, or ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft.

The H1 can be charged in a garage, and it is expected to range 60 miles. The battery charges from 20 to 80% in about 20 minutes. The initial retail price was estimated at $195,000 but because of the rising costs of materials, it’s now $350,000.

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