Proteus Ocean Group, a pioneering organization co-founded by Fabien Cousteau (the grandson of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau) is spearheading an extraordinary endeavor to create an “underwater space station of the ocean”, located approximately 60 feet deep off the captivating shores of Curaçao in the Caribbean.

With a target completion date set for 2026, the project aims to push the boundaries of human understanding and open new frontiers in marine research, and collaborating with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), researchers hope to expand the opportunities for new studies, therefore, helping humans to learn more about the ocean.

Comparable to the International Space Station and previous iterations of marine laboratories, aquanauts will reside on the station, engaging in research and exploration activities in the underwater realm. This unique platform will enable in-depth scientific investigations and foster a deeper understanding of the ocean’s intricate ecosystems.

The station will be designed to withstand the challenges of the marine environment while providing a safe and sustainable living space for inhabitants. Equipped with state-of-the-art life support systems, advanced research laboratories, and cutting-edge communication technologies, it will enable scientists to conduct groundbreaking experiments, collect vital data, and collaborate with colleagues around the globe.

The development of the Proteus underwater station represents a giant leap forward in our quest to explore and understand the ocean’s vast depths. Through this visionary project, scientists, explorers, and conservationists will unite to expand our knowledge of the marine world and promote the conservation and sustainable management of our oceans.

The legacy of Jacques Cousteau lives on through the Proteus Ocean Group, inspiring future generations to venture into the unknown and unlock the secrets that lie beneath the waves. 

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