Prepare to be astounded by the latest innovation in robotic technology — an awe-inspiring robotic dog equipped with a fully functional flamethrower mounted on its back. If you thought the idea of a rifle-toting robotic dog was eccentric, then the Thermonator, developed by Throwflame, is here to take it to the next level. For those who feel a deep longing for such an unconventional creation, Throwflame is now accepting preorders for this quadruped robot capable of unleashing fiery chaos.

While robotic dogs have already exhibited an array of impressive skills, including obstacle avoidance, resilience against powerful impacts, herding capabilities, and even charming dance moves during their leisure time, one question has captivated the imaginations of many: when will these remarkable machines start venturing into the realm of flamethrowers?

The answer is now. Throwflame, renowned for their daring flamethrower designs, has expanded its collection to include the Thermonator — a fusion of a quadruped robotic dog and their modular, electric-powered ARC Flamethrower. This versatile contraption can spew a jet of flame that reaches up to 30 feet (10 meters) for an impressive duration of 30 seconds.

Although the exact model of the robotic half remains undisclosed, it bears a striking resemblance to the Unitree GO1, a creation by Unitree Robotics. Sporting four legs with an astonishing 12 degrees of freedom, the GO1 possesses the ability to walk, run, climb stairs, maneuver through obstacles, traverse challenging terrains, sit, and even lie down. Equipped with artificial intelligence, it boasts exceptional navigation skills and can track or follow human beings.

By combining the GO1 with a flamethrower, this formidable canine becomes a source of both awe and terror.

Beyond its undeniable coolness factor, the Thermonator also offers practical applications. Flamethrowers find use in weed eradication, burning crop residue, controlled forest burns, and other tasks that can be arduous and hazardous. Deploying a robot for these purposes brings numerous advantages.

The Thermonator is currently available for pre-order, with deliveries set to commence later this year. While no specific price has been disclosed, the standalone ARC Flamethrower is priced at a base rate of $699 (while the GO1 robotic dog is sold for $2,700).

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