Infineon Technologies has unveiled its latest innovation for the automotive tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) market: the XENSIV SP49 tire pressure monitoring sensor. Combining Infineon’s automotive expertise with its patented glass-silicon-glass MEMS sensor, this new sensor offers intelligent features that elevate tire pressure monitoring to a new level.

The SP49 is designed to integrate MEMS sensors and ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) technology, incorporating a robust 32-bit Arm M0+ core, ample flash memory and RAM, Low Power Monitoring (LPM) capabilities, and optimized fast acceleration sensing.

These features empower the sensor to facilitate advanced tire pressure monitoring systems, offering a wide range of intelligent tire functions. These functions include on-tire auto-position sensing, tire inflation assistance, tire blowout detection, and load detection.

XENSIV SP49 tire pressure sensor.

Adaptability and Versatility

The SP49 is compatible with Infineon’s previous generation SP40 TPMS products, allowing for easy replacement. It boasts a hardware master/slave I²C interface and software-simulated UART, SPI, and PWM interfaces. This adaptability makes the SP49 suitable for sub-1GHz and scalable for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) TPMS applications.

The sensor’s ASIL-A rating ensures a high level of integration, covering all essential functions needed for a modern TPMS module. With its integrated microcontroller, sensors, and convenient peripherals, the SP49 requires minimal passive components to create a comprehensive TPMS sensor unit.

Power Efficiency

One of the standout features of the SP49 is its power efficiency, making it a great choice for battery-powered applications; Its integrated interval timer can generate wake-up signals, and the LF (Low Frequency) receiver with wake-up capability exhibits sensitivity for on-demand measurements in stand-alone remote pressure sensing solutions.

The XENSIV tire pressure sensor, the SP49, is available for order now, offering an innovative solution for enhancing automotive safety and performance. For more detailed information, interested parties can visit the official website.

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