Infineon Technologies AG has expanded its ISOFACE product range by introducing quad-channel digital isolators designed for industrial and automotive applications. With a focus on enhancing isolation technologies, the ISOFACE quad-channel digital isolators cater to the demanding communication requirements of modern electronic systems in sectors such as automotive and industrial.

Available in two categories, the ISOFACE 4DIRx4xxHA family is AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications like onboard chargers, battery management systems, inverters, and motor control. The ISOFACE 4DIRx4xxH family is JEDEC-qualified and designed for industrial applications including renewables, servers, telecom, industrial switch-mode power supplies, industrial automation, and isolated serial peripheral interface.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Infineon

These isolators, housed in a wide-body 300 mil PG-DSO-16 package, feature four data channels, ensuring robust isolation and reliable data communication in challenging environments; Operating within a voltage range of 2.7 to 6.5 V, the isolators exhibit low current consumption, reaching a maximum of 1.6 mA per channel at speeds up to 1 Mbps with a 3.3 V supply voltage.

Infineon’s Coreless Transformer (CT) technology equips the isolators with high immunity against system noise (common mode transient immunity of at least 100 kV/µs) and a robust isolation voltage of up to 5700 V rms. The isolators are built to withstand extreme temperatures, with the automotive variants performing effectively in Grade I ambient conditions ranging from -40°C to +125°C.

Beyond durability, these digital isolators mitigate signal noise, ensuring precise timing performance and compatibility for high power density designs. Pin-to-pin compatibility adds stability to power supplies, contributing to overall system reliability. The isolators undergo component-level and system-level certification, streamlining safety approvals and expediting time-to-market.


Productive samples for six variants and starter kits are currently available, while the remaining two variants are expected in Q4 2023. For more details, visit

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