Mirrorroid Co., Ltd is a company that builds solutions based on smart mirrors for retail locations such as hair salons, beauty shops, etc. When I met the company’s representatives, we discussed Mirart (official site), their most recent solutions for hairdressers, and I had an opportunity to watch a live demo.

The hardware consists of a 15.6” mirror display that is easily installable in any location because it hangs with magnets. It’s also possible to get a 32” version, but a stand is required because of the extra weight.

At first, it starts as a typical virtual hair styling and coloring session in which a form of augmented reality is utilized to quickly and efficiently show different potential styles to the customer. The hair salon professional drives the demo on a mirror directly in front of the customer.

It’s possible to tune the virtual hair appearance to make it match as realistically as possible, including scale, length, and volume. When the customer is happy with the preview, the hair styler can get to work.

What’s around this hair styling workflow is even more interesting: Mirart’s devices are not only used for styling, but they are fully featured points of sales (PoS) and could, in theory, be the only computer the hair salon needs.

In addition to handling payments, there’s an integrated CRM where customer preferences can be saved, along with the styling history. The mirror can even recognize the customer upon sitting, which makes the process even easier, leaving more time for the stylist to focus on the customer relationship.

Thanks to the integrated computing capabilities, these devices have additional business opportunities. First, we discussed their idea of having a Scalp Analyzer. This consists of taking pictures of the scalp with a 60X zoom to perform image analysis to detect oily skin, bad roots, etc. That’s also an excellent opportunity for the salon to propose treatments and cosmetic products.

Other business ideas included catering to hair styling schools by integrating ratings and scores for individual students’ exercises. Finally, there was an idea to include a Photo Booth feature, as the mirror has all the necessary hardware to make it work.

Hair salons can buy the hardware starting at around $4000, depending on the size, and subscribe to the SaaS for about $80 per month. Currently, the system is deployed in Japan and Korea, but it’s easy to imagine this solution getting a more global footprint.

Of all the hair styling products we’ve seen over the years, this is more integrated, covers more business needs, and offers the potential to increase the bottom line further. Mirart is a CES Innovation Awards Honoree.

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